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whether you want to do beekeeping as a hobby or you are just a beginner who wants to learn it on small scale you will need all this equipment to begin. 


gloves help keep your hands safe from being stung as they cause swelling and reduce hand mobility

bee veil

a bee veil keeps bees away from your face to make you safe so you can focus more on extracting honey!

bee chamber box

You need a complete bee box as it is used by Bees to accumulate Honey that can be harvested.

honey extractor

it’s a device used for extracting honey from bee comb without damaging them.

uncapping knife

designed specifically for cutting the wax capping from a honeycomb for extraction.

queen excluder

It keeps honey frames separate from larva frames to keep larva safe from unnecessary damages while extracting honey.

pollen trap

it’s not only honey that we extract from bees, as pollen is one of the most mineral-full food you can get from bees.


it creates an opportunity for the beekeeper to open the beehive and work while the colony’s defensive response is interrupted.

hive tool

A hive tool is a handheld multipurpose tool used in maintaining and inspecting beehives.


a brush can be used to gently, and harmlessly, remove remaining bees from a comb.

bee gate

bee gate is very helpful as its design keeps bees ventilated while moving the beehive from one place to another

bee feeder

a bee feeder is used to feed bees with sugar syrup in the off-season to keep bees alive.

Boosting Your Vegetable Garden to a New Level

Honeybees are the most efficient pollinators, which can have a massive impact on your garden and the surrounding ecosystem.

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start beekeeping under 20,000/- only

You can start beekeeping under just 20,000/-. In time, under a good environment and care, bees start multiplying them-self and will eventually go from one colony to two colonies or you can say two bee boxes. you can even sell bee boxes or sell self-extracted honey. So even if you are doing this as a hobby you can still make money out of it!

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