Beekeeping Equipment

Tiwana Bee Farm is a Ludhiana based apiary and manufacturer of beekeeping equipment and beekeeping supplies with clients spread through out India and world - Beekeeping Products & Supplies

Honey Processing Plant

Tiwana Honey Processing Plant, the mainstay of Tiwana Bee Farm, is a compact, sleek, easy to operate and energy efficient honey processing plant that is being used successfully by many apiaries and beekeeping farms throughout India - Honey Processing Plant

Honey Processing Plant

Honey Processing PlantTiwana Honey Processing Plant is a sleek, compact, easy to operate, energy efficient, safe-to-handle and eco-friendly honey processing unit used for processing of raw honey obtained from honey combs into edible grade honey of high quality by removing impurities, wax, pollens, and water.

Tiwana Honey Processing Plant ensures processing of raw honey hygienically to meet best possible quality standards. All the parts that come in contact of honey are made of stainless steel to ensure high product quality and hygiene. Electricity requirement for the entire plant is just 2 KW. Thus it is well in reach of a small innovative entrepreneur to produce high quality honey.

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