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Tiwana Honey Processing Plant, the mainstay of Tiwana Bee Farm, is a compact, sleek, easy to operate and energy efficient honey processing plant that is being used successfully by many apiaries and beekeeping farms throughout India - Honey Processing Plant

Honey Health Benefits

 Honey Health Benefits

Honey is a popular sweetener throughout the world. According to an Associated Marketing survey conducted for the National Honey Board in 1997, almost 77 % of U.S. households use honey along with other sweeteners and syrups and 45 % of them consider honey a good value because it is “natural/good for you/better for you than sugar.”

     Overall, honey has a positive profile with nearly 62 % of users “especially liking” it for its taste and flavor, 24 % because it is natural and 16 % because it is good for you. From ancient times, honey was not only used as a natural sweetener but also as a healing agent. Many health-promoting and curative properties attributed to it are the basis for some traditional folk medicine treatments throughout the world today.

     From ancient times, honey was not only used as a natural sweetener but also as a healing agent. Honey was prescribed for a variety of uses including baldness, contraception and as a wound treatment. Frequently honey was mixed with herbs, grains, and other botanicals. Uses that have continued into modern folk medicine include treatment for coughs and sore throats, lotus honey for eye diseases in India, infected leg ulcers in Ghana, ear aches in Nigeria, topical treatment of measles in the eyes to prevent corneal scaring, gastric ulcers and constipation.

     The past two decades have brought a resurgence of interest in learning more about antimicrobial and wound healing properties of honey. Studies conducted in various parts of the world indicate the following:

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