Beekeeping Equipment

Tiwana Bee Farm is a Ludhiana based apiary and manufacturer of beekeeping equipment and beekeeping supplies with clients spread through out India and world - Beekeeping Products & Supplies

Honey Processing Plant

Tiwana Honey Processing Plant, the mainstay of Tiwana Bee Farm, is a compact, sleek, easy to operate and energy efficient honey processing plant that is being used successfully by many apiaries and beekeeping farms throughout India - Honey Processing Plant

Beekeeping Products & Supplies

Beekeeping Products & SuppliesNow we are ready to do export of honey. We are able to meet the requirement of the purchaser. Our farm is keeping more than 12000 twelve thousand bee hives itself and also helping other bee keepers through India. We are getting good result through our seasonal migration. All this is under the direct control of management. Our farms yield pure and high quality honey almost round the year. We are providing technical and scientific techniques for good production as well as good quality equipments are given to them for this purpose. We assist other bee keepers not only to adopt to good techniques for good production but financial assistance is also rendered to them.

We can supply quality and quantity of pure honey according to the requirement of the importers. Mustard, Eucalyptus, multiflora of hill area , Sun flower, litchi and clover is available at our premises for export purpose.

Tiwana Honey Processing Plant
Comb Foundation Roller
Queen Excluder
Hive Tool
Queen Gate
Grafting Needle Set
Bee Hive (Single Chamber)
Bee Veil
Uncapping Knife
Sulphur Dust
Honey Filter
Hive Stand
Honey Extractor
Wax Sheet
Queen Cage
Queen Cell Protector
Frame Gripper
Honey Bee Colonies
Pollen Trap
Honey Tray
Formic Acid
Wasp Trap